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Basic candle care

SugarPlum candles are made to be low maintenance and require no extra care. However, as with any scented candle, basic candle care is important.

  • Keep your wicks trimmed as often as is required.
  • Keep your candles at normal room temperature.
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
How long should I burn my candles?
It is recommended to burn your candles long enough to form a good melt pool. The recommended burn time is one hour per inch in diameter. Our large and medium jars are 3 1/2 inches and our small jars are 3 inches. It is also recommended that you do not burn at any one time for more than 4 hours.
Do your wax melts work with all warmers?
Our wax melts are made to be versatile and work with all warmers.
How to remove wax from your warmer.
We have found the best method for removing wax is to put your cooled warmer or in some cases just the top in the freezer. Once it is frozen the wax will pop right out. No mess, no worries.
When will my order arrive?
All orders over 13 oz are shipped priority mail! We aim to ship orders within 2 days of cleared payment and often times the very next day! Depending on your location, you can expect to receive your package within 2-7 days. If there is ever an unforeseen delay, we will contact you to discuss options.
How do I trim wood wicks?
We recommend our wick trimmers, but you can use any wick trimmers. Some have found it easy to use toenail clippers, although trimming the wicks in our larger jars may present a problem with this method, unless you have very small hands. If you don’t have any trimmers, no worries. First make sure the candle has cooled and then just snap the burnt ash end off of the top of the wick and run your finger gently along the top. A trimmed wick will burn cleaner and longer.
Do wood wicks burn differently?
We chose to use all natural wooden wicks in our candles because they give a more consistent, even burn and the scent they release is unmatched. You will notice a wonderful soft crackling and beautiful flicker, which is a nice change from the ordinary candle.
I trimmed my wick too short and now my candle won’t light.
Don’t panic, all is not lost. It happens to the best of us. Even us expert wick trimmers can sometimes snip a little too much off. Luckily, our candles are made with a soft wax. You should be able to dig the wax a little around the wick enough to light it. Just make sure you burn it long enough afterwards to form a good melt pool.
The flame on my candle seems to be burning a bit high.
Extinguish the flame, let cool and trim the wick. You can do this by using a wick trimmer or by using your fingers to snap off the ash top of the wick and then gently running your finger along the wood wick. By trimming your wick in between burns you’ll get a longer lasting, cleaner burn.
Do your candles come with a lid?
Yes, every one of our candles come with a glass lid, this makes for easy storage and protects the candles from dust and debris when not in use.
Do you take returns?
Customer satisfaction is very important to us! We take returns on all unused items within 30 days. In the unlikely event that one of our products arrived damaged, please contact us right away, we will be more than happy to replace your items. We may ask for your help by providing us with pictures, so we can better improve our shipping methods. For any other returns please contact us SugarPlum Dreams and for more information please see our Shipping and Return policy page at Shipping and Returns
I prefer a lightly scented candle, are all of you candles highly scented?
All of our candles and melts are highly scented to give the best possible scent throw. If you prefer a lighter scent, we recommend our wax melts and warmers with dimmer switches. This allows to you control the amount of scent that is disbursed. For a lighter scent, dim the heat to the desired setting. This will give you a lighter, longer lasting scent.
How can we contact you?
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