SugarPlum Dreams

My childhood was filled with adventure. I couldn’t get enough stories that involved knights, dragons, fairy tale princesses and magical creatures. I was the girl who always had her head in the clouds. I devoured books and spent hours writing my own stories. I lived in a world of happily ever afters, where magic ruled and evil villains were always defeated. I still hold that world very close to my heart. There was never any question that magic and love for all things beautiful would always be a part of who I am. SugarPlum Dreams is my dream and I am pleased to be able to share it with fairy tale lovers from all over.

How We Got Started

I have always loved scented candles! There is nothing I loved more than coming home and escaping the worries of the world to a beautiful, relaxing scent of a freshly lit candle. After one too many times of spending good money on a dud candle, I decided there had to be a better way. I quickly learned all the sneaky little tricks big brand retailers use to cut expenses and end up with substandard products. I knew I would always avoid these at all costs. From the very beginning I knew I would only use the best wax, premium fragrance oils and all natural lead-free wicks. Through countless tests and years of tweaking, the final product was even better than I could have ever dreamed. For years our family and friends enjoyed our amazing scented, cleaner burning premium candles. No longer did I have to worry about a tunneling wick or a candle I would almost burn my nose on because I had to get so close to smell it. We kept our candles and melts in our own tight-knit community for some time.

In 2007 my youngest son was born. Almost immediately we noticed he wasn’t hitting his milestones. Through countless tests and a couple of misdiagnoses, in 2009 we finally had the correct diagnosis. At first it seemed overwhelming and scary. Thankfully, we had amazing support through our wonderful community, friends and family.  No longer did we see autism as a devastating diagnosis. We learned how amazing and exceptional our son was. He is extremely bright and very talented. However, his ongoing struggles made it apparent he needed me to spend more time with him and less time at the office.

Our friends and family had already been asking to buy our candles and it seemed like the perfect time to share our amazing candles with the rest of the world. It was then that SugarPlum Dreams was born.

Our Promises

We promise to always use the best wax, premium fragrance and natural lead-free wicks.

We promise to never cut corners and only bring you a premium product.

We promise to always put our customers first!

Handpoured in Winston Salem, NC